Beckstone surface texture is available in "NATURE" like a natural stone

or in "STYLE" with a pearly concrete like texture.

The extended white synthetic concrete body protects the translucent top in an interlocking concrete installation.

Beckstone is completely solid

The solid-coloring of Beckstone's resin creates a unique illumination.

Beckstone is waterproof according to IP68 and UL1838 listed.

Public fountain with Beckstone

Drive-over Capability

Beckstones withstand bus and truck traffic

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Beckstone in roundabout

Beckstone in driveway

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Drive-over Capability

The load-carrying body and the protective edge make Beckstones able to be installed without a bed of mortar or mortar joints. They can be used along driving lanes and parking lots where speed is limited to max. 20mph (30 km/h) and only vehicles with inflated tires are allowed. Setting Beckstone only in a bed of gravel and sand reduces the installation costs to a minimum and the overall appearance of the installation pattern is not interfered by any mortar joints. If Beckstones are installed as a lane marking the standard white marking stripes can be eliminated completely. This feature enables Beckstone to be used as a parking lot indicator, visual barrier for residential streets and in many other traffic applications without affecting the overall urban and landscape design at daylight.

Load-carrying Body

Beckstone body consists of two parts: The translucent-top glass body and the load-carrying body. This simple but solid design makes Beckstone more elaborate in comparison to other lighting products.


The translucent body of colored Beckstones is solid-colored. The result is a higher color luminance than with colored LEDs. So even when the Beckstone body get damaged the color and the luminance will appear in the same way as before. For customized Beckstones we also produce colored LEDs in a crystal Beckstone.

Protective Edge

The solid load-carrying body extends out 5/64” (2 mm) around the whole translucent body.This protects against pressure on the translucent body. The load-carrying body made of polymerconcrete makes the Beckstone even more durable against the movement impacts of the surrounding pavers. Polymer-concrete is a really strong, hard material, that extends around the translucent body. This way Beckstone locks in with the surrounding pavers, creates a even joint and stops it to be moved and shattered by breaking traffic. Beckstone is the only product of its` kind that can be layed in a bed of sand without mortar. This increases the balance of the joint impression; it also decreases the laying costs.


Beckstone is waterproof according to class IP 68 protection; so Beckstone works even when there is water contact for a long time. With its totally in synthetic resin embedded LED and electronic parts, Beckstone can be used in any outdoor and indoor application. High-quality materials assure the protection against cleaners and almost every chemicals, that are used outdoors. The design of the solid polymer-concrete block prevents any water from causing erosions to the LED module. That’s also why Beckstone is safe against frost.


  • We use Nichia and Citizen LEDs with >120lm/watt output
  • All LED-modules and arrays are assembled in Germany
  • RoHs compliant and lead free
  • Unlike fluorescent sources, our LEDs contain no mercury
  • No ignition problems in cold environments even down to -40°C
  • Beckstone LEDs run as a safe 12 VDC solid state device
  • Less insects through UV-free illumination
  • Only 28° - 35°C operating temperature
  • Oxidation-resistant because of   completely enclosed LED and circuit board
  • Our professional LED-assembling suppliers are happy to make you a customized design

High Efficiency

Beckstone uses premium LED technology for efficient solutions in outdoor lighting. Beckstone Leds have the best stability among all environmental impact. Our 3- chip LEDs are only from premium manufacturer carefully selected by color bin with a very long lifespan. The average lumen output is 70% after 80,000 operating hours (according to the LED manufacturer). Beckstone LEDs and cables are very durable and vibration resistant. No exchange of illuminants is needed. So the maintenance cost are kept low. Get a piece of future lighting technology with Beckstone. This German lighting solution fulfils all future requirements for lighting efficiency. With 20w power consumed by one regular halogen fixture You can run 50 pieces of Beckstone with a single LED (0.4w/LED unit).

Light Distribution

The power consumption of 0.4W/LED unit ist he well-balanced compromise between blinding free lighting and lumen output. Streetlamps and other common lighting systems have certain issues, Beckstones offer a solution. Common lighting systems like streetlamps create illuminated islands with dark spaces in-between. In addition pedestrians while walking get a blinding effect from the next fixture. The result is a dangerous distraction and unawareness from/for the actual traffic situation. Consider the following solution, Beckstone closes the dark gaps, with a clear soft glow. The pedestrians can follow the even, lit up line. This means less light stress on the eyes and better orientation. Now there are many dark spots in public places because of the high operating antd maintenance costs. With Beckstones there is no risk of high operating and maintenance cost.

Non-slip Surfaces

The texturing on the face of Beckstone is made to appear exactly as a concrete paver or granite block. This surface texture actually creates a non-slip surface according to 3V, which is why Beckstone is recommended for areas with strict safety requirements.

Easy Installation

Beckstone Cable

General Cable’s Direct burial wire was primarily designed for low voltage landscape and security lighting.  These cables feature a specially formulated black PVC jacket that is UV resistant and provides protection against water damage. The jacket utilizes a duplex parallel design that allows for easy separation of conductors and quicker terminations during installation. A polarity ridge on one leg makes for easy circuit identification. The wire features high strand count bare copper conductors in 16 ga. They are U.L. listed for up to 150V and U.L. rated for direct burial and outdoor applications. OSHA accepted.

Beckstone Connector Set

Our supplied watertight connector set makes the installation simple and secure. Register to download our electrical installation manual.

Fast Installation

Plan about 20 min for every Beckstone to be completely installed with interlocking pavers and electrically connected. A huge advantage if you compare it with the installation effort of other in-ground lighting fixtures.

Multiple Installation Options

Beckstone can be installed along any material. Since it is completely solid, Beckstone only needs to be leveled to the surrounding surface. Find out more about all installation options in our installation section.