Typical roundabout in daylight.

Most roundabouts are almost invisible at night.


Beckstones make roundabouts visible for drivers.

Roundabout curb with Beckstone 6x4.5 in crystal color in Luxembourg.

Roundabout in Luxembourg side view.

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Many roundabout installations confuse drivers. This causes damaged roundabouts with chipping edges, tire markings, scratched wheels and bumpers. Those are costly issues for drivers and traffic authorities. We have a solution with solid-state LED-technology:

  • Beckstone puts light exactly where it needs to be – in the perspective of drivers.
  • Drivers will see the inner circle clearly with non-glaring Beckstone fixtures.
  • The traffic flow is improved with better orientation.
  • Long-vehicles drivers can steer more precisely through those tight traffic installations.
  • Upgrades with Beckstones are easy and reasonable. Just extend the inner curb by a angled line of additional pavers.
  • Just in case: Beckstone runs with no exchange of illuminants and can be simply exchanged like a regular pave stone.

Quick return on investment, since first avoided damages and accidents cause less repair, landscape maintenance and claims.