Beckstone in bus terminal with 12 bus stops

Beckstone in bus stop curb

Local train station platform.

Tramway stop down town.

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Traffic hubs like airports and train stations are a stressful environment for all people involved. Arriving and departing passengers are stressed, in a rush, inattentive and therefore accident-prone. Watch your step! – That’s exactly where people look – to the ground. Leaving the airport building or train stations confronts pedestrians with an overwhelming amount of lit signs, outdoor advertising that distracts them from keeping themselves on the walkways.

  • Busy pedestrian crossings, intersections, drop-off lanes as well as bus and taxi stands are the perfect application for Beckstone pathway lighting.
  • The durable drive-over design of Beckstone makes it the perfect routing indicator for dangerous high-traffic spots.
  • Beckstone prevents unaware pedestrians from possible accidents, which makes travelling more relaxed and customers happy.

Best of all, the upgrade with Beckstones enhances the appearance of facilities with reasonable installation and operational costs - even for renovation projects. Buildings and squares get a unique touch that passengers keep in mind.