Parking space marking historic city center.

Parking space marking with Beckstones.

Lit curb at parking entrance.

Car at parking gate with lit curb.

Curb at parking lot entrance.

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White marked parking lots, in historic city centers or downtown areas and design sensitive environments disturb the overall aesthetic appearance design work. Materials with a strong contrast are used to avoid white marking stripes. But during night they are almost invisible and lead to imprecisely parked cars. Up to 25 % of the parking lot space in urban environments is not used properly. Beckstone shows its qualities in those kinds of situations:

  • By adding Beckstone along the marking for each parking spot, each spot can be indicated in the best possible way at night time.


We think we can all agree that bumpers do not like parking gates. Protected with bollards in a way too tight driveway many parking lots cause scratches on car bumpers.

  • Beckstones give a clear point of orientation at night time.
  • Protect customers’ cars and gate installations.

Renovation project? It is very easy and inexpensive to install Beckstones in a renovation project. Simply take out a line of pavers and replace some pave stones with our Beckstones. Done.