Adding Beckstone to the edge of any kind of structure is simple and cost-efficient.

Areas of application >> Areas of application

Walkway with Beckstone in red and green color.

Luge race track with Beckstones as curb indicators. 

Historic pathway along a medieval town in Germany.

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The design with plants and trees has less reflection than common traffic installations. Therefore, uneven pathways have a higher risk of tripping especially for visually impaired people. Regular pole luminaries create light islands with dark areas in-between the space of them. Also streetlights are usually very bright and glare into the eyes of pedestrians. The pathway becomes not visible enough for well surefootedness.

  • Beckstone is the ideal orientation light with a light line of one piece every three feet along the pathway.
  • Root-proof one cube design.

  • In winter with light snowfalls Beckstone still marks the edge of the pathway and avoid accidents and claims.
  • Beckstones are very reasonably priced. Low code requirements for 12V d.c. saves project budget.
  • Installation within less than 15 inches depth of the surface.
  • Our heat-shrinkable connection set takes not more than 5 minutes per piece.
  • Long-life investment in energy efficient and maintenance free pathway lighting.
  • Efficient operation with LED-Technology.

Now, light the pathways that were not lit before.