Cross walk at bus terminal.

Airport taxi stand.

Cross walk at tramway tracks city center.

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Bike Paths

The high amount of traffic signs, billboards, and outdoor advertising distracts traffic participants. With the usage of a few Beckstones that mark hazardous spots clearly, the risk of accidents and personal damage can be limited.

  • Beckstone is an orientation light with a luminous flux that is specified to light the actual piece without disturbing the regular traffic flow.
  • Create simple visual barriers for visually impaired traffic participants.
  • Installation in existing bike paths and crossings is  easy.

Biker or driver? – Needless to say cycling is becoming more popular and additional bike lanes are created on the current drive lanes and walkways. Unfortunately, bike lanes often end in an intersection with hazardous potential caused by busy drive lanes or distracted pedestrians. Accidents with Cyclists involved are usually very serious regarding the risk of personal damage followed by claims against the authorities. Here is what we have got:

  • Nearby traffic lights and street lights supply the  necessary  power and carry the small LED driver needed for the installation.
  • Share limited space more efficiently and take traffic safety up a notch with our breakthrough technology for all high-traffic applications.

Cross walks

Increasing pedestrians safety by slowing down traffic through traffic islands in the middle of the road is common practice all over the world. So pedestrians can cross one lane after the other without the need of an actual pedestrian crossing marking. The advantages are a better traffic flow and a more natural look without white markings – important for historic city centers, or busy downtown areas and some landscape design. The disadvantage of these traffic islands is, that they are usually not well lit and drivers overlook them easily. The consequence can be damaged installations and even accidents at these intersections. Beckstone luminaires light these traffic islands for approaching traffic and mark the crossing for threatened pedestrians clearer. Besides advantages for all traffic participants authorities safe on there budgets for maintenance and claims by reducing the number of cases for hit and run accidents.