This traffic sign costs apprx. $450.

This traffic sign did cost $ 450 so often, that it probably will not get rebuild again....

Those 5 Beckstone are priced $350 and protect your traffic signs!

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Put light where it needs to be and start thinking from a drivers perspective. Traffic islands are created to slow down traffic and protect pedestrians. Grey colored non-lit traffic islands are hard to notice at night. The result: more and more they are run-over and the reflectors are being destroyed over time.

  • Safety delineators and additional traffic signage is added to traffic islands by authorities after the first accident already happened. Beckstone lighting system can be adapted very easily to most traffic island applications.
  • Flexible design with parallel connection.
  • Long runs up to 100 yards possible.
  • Only 3 inches of installation depth makes handling easy like paving.

  • Build-in root protection through solid product design.
  • Can be incorporated in most surface materials.
  • Easy installation with standard low voltage lighting cable and our supplied watertight connector set.

Besides Beckstone blends in perfectly during daylight and does not destroy the overall appearance of historic city centers or particular streetscape designs. A renovation with Beckstones of existing traffic islands can be done by adding an additional row pavers in a visible angle.