Entrance and circular driveway at residential property with Beckstones.

Beckstones along a residential entrance with bricks and granite stones.

Pool with Beckstones incorporated in the concrete edge of the patio.

Fountain with Beckstones at a residential front yard.

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There are infinite options for installations. Create a new atmosphere in your landscape at night with the subtle touch of our energy efficient Beckstones. A glow at night, but virtually invisible by day. Accentuate your lawn and landscape with Beckstones. They are easy to install: take a look at the picture and see an installation of Beckstones in a remodeling project. Just remove the pavestones from the ground, where you want to install the Beckstones. Accent the shape of your garden in twilight as well as after dark and dusk. Give your entrance, driveway and patio a new look!