Beckstone improves safety at transit stations.

Beckstone in waterscape public plaza Chechnya

This round-about installation in Luxembourg proofs the versatility of Beckstone.

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• Wide assortment of two surface textures
   “STYLE” and “NATURE” and different colors
• Square, rectangle, round shapes from
  2x2" to 5.5x5.5”
• Ambient lighting without glare
• High-performance, long-life LED-technology 
  with no change of illuminants
• UL + CUL 1838 listing
• Low energy consumption (.4 W/LED)
• Drive-over capability without mortar joint
• Reasonable installation costs and secure
  operation with 12V dc system

• Versatile for many architectural, streetscape and landscape designs
• Ideal for retrofitting and renovation projects
   with low installation depth only 3 inches
• IP68 rated for submersible conditions
• High-quality and market experience
   for more than 9-years
• 100% - Made in Germany




Download our most recent brochure about traffic and safety applications for Beckstone and find out more.


We’re all dealing with changes that affect how we design outdoor spaces.

Now more than ever, a key element in any outdoor design needs to be with respect to safety. Let’s consider an innovative new option to illuminate public places, and efficiently direct the everincreasing volume of automotive and pedestrian traffic.

Beckstone offers an intuitive routing system that marks traffic lanes, curbs and barriers clearly and does not interfere with current traffic light applications. Beckstones reduces the risk of claims and damages and it upgrades the appearance of public spaces and facilities with a modern subdued design.


On the one hand, requirements for safety increase in many situations. On the other hand, budgets are cut. Here is why Beckstone innovative lighting system keeps the costs low:

We deliver a ready to install light.

• Each piece can be electrically installed within 5 min.

• Quickly install without a bed of mortar or concrete jointing.

• The durable product design requires no exchange of illuminants and protects the luminaire against vandalism to keep your maintenance costs as low as possible.

• By using Beckstone, the damage prevented is a quick return on investment for years to come.


Beckstone products are made high-quality for long-life.

  • The LED-module is protected by a complete insulation encasement. This encasement shields from the elements with CUL 1838 approval.
  • The high-strength load carrying body is made of polymer concrete and protects the translucent body against impacts forced by surrounding pavers with drive-over capability for cars and delivery trucks.
  • 12 V dc low voltage technology realizes an easy and reasonable electrical installation with our supplied connector kit.

In a nutshell: Through durable and innovative product design Beckstone offers an affordable installation and longevity.


Pathway and in-ground lighting is our expertise! Our team of designers, engineers, suppliers and partners secure the high-quality service of our light and design solutions.

JoBe lighting works with the most recent developments in electronical components and production processes to serve customers with a need for sustainable products and high efficiency.

Beyond the design options for traffic situations and architecture Beckstone offers traffic participants and passengers safe wayfinding through complex facilities with heavy traffic.

As a result Beckstone reduces the risk of accidents, personal damage and claims. The investment in this durable lighting system is very reasonable and operational maintenance is cost-efficient.

Besides realizing your project ideas with custom shapes, relief logos, special surface textures, inscriptions and color options JoBe Lighting is happy to be your responsive project partner.

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